There is two parts to using the Mercedes Benz Scanner Diagnostic Tool, the first being the setup and the latter actually using it. As you can see above, their are a few leads involved to connect the Mercedes to the star machine.

*Wire from ECU to the Multiplexor
*Wire from Multiplexor to the Computer
*Power Cable to the Laptop (It’s advised never to let the computer run out during diagnostics!)
*Power pack if low battery that might die during the test

Once the wires have been connected up properly, start the iginition and you should wait until you see a lock appear in the bottom right corner of your computer (near internet signal). Once the lock is present, the computer is connected to the car, therefore start up the DAS/Xentury software and do the following:

*Find your car using the menu provided (Car -> E Class -> W210 etc)
*You will then be greeted with a popup notifying that the multiplexor is attempting to connect
*Once connected, its fairly straight forward – You can perform tests or go into individual units
*Using F1, F2 and F3, you will be able to navigate through stored fault codes and removing them with the F9 key
*If faults are not removing, its best to print out the full test (button bottom right), which will contain unique MB Codes to show a mechanic

The Star machine enables you to find a problem, fix it and confirm that it is fixed by erasing the issue and then running another test. If you are feeling confident, you may feel like running some more complex tests i.e. Compression test. I had issues with the fuel injectors in my 320 CDi, therefore I performed a compression test, which was spot on but the second test was the “leak” test, which showed two injectors were faulty.

Compression test results from star machine

Buy Mercedes Star Diagnostic Computer Tool

The complete kit can be bought from just £600, which includes all of the wires for the latest Mercedes Benz’s out and include the computer with necessary equipment. Of course, the price seems a lot, but so does paying £40 each time to have a diagnostic via an independent garage. You are able to do this yourself with limited knowledge aswell as charge friend to clear their faults. You can buy the Mercedes Star Machine Bundle straight from Amazon.

mercedes star machine in the ukThere are various other OB2 scanners that are available on the market that can read your Mercedes Benz faults, we recommend reading the Best OBD2 Auto Scanner Tools Reviews.

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