TM100 Transponder Key Programmer with Basic Module is a new generation of transponder programmer. And
Auto key Programmer TM100 Programmer support Toyota/Lexus all system keys, support BMW CAS1,CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+, support Ducati motocycle, support Audi EZS Megamos 8E, and many more functions.

How to use TM100 key programmer to make Toyota G Chip under all key lost?

Step 1: Remove the Anti-theft box from the dashboard, and then use Xprog-M to read out the 93C66 data and save it.

Step 2: Open the TM100 software and find the module after 2005 Toyota Camry

Step 3: Click “Open the file” to load 93C66 data, able to “Use Original Chip”(with G chip), and then click enter, choose “key 1” to write the start and then the TM100 will generate a new data

Step 4: Write the data back to the 93C66 is OK

Step 5: Put the Anti-theft box back to the dashboard, and the new key can start the car directly.

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