Alldata Latest Version: V10.53

Language: English

Support System: Windows XP 32 bit, Windows7 32 bit & 64 bit

ALLDATA 10.53 professional workshop service and repair manual, maintenance, wiring diagram, diagnostic, all cars & light

trucks 1983-2014

Alldata 10.53 2014 version is newest version for alldata now. ALLDATA 10.53 shops have fast access to the industry's

best information for vehicles from 1982 to present including TSBs, maintenance schedules, manufacturer recall

information, OE solutions, and factory images and diagrams.

Automotive Diagnostic Scanner  ALLDATA 10.53, the leading computer-based diagnostic, repair and estimating information system, can help you boost shop

performance and build customer loyalty as you efficiently repair more makes and reduce comebacks.


The most comprehensive information for 1982 to present vehicles, updated quarterly

OEM images, diagrams and diagnostic flow charts

Parts and labor information Maintenance schedules

Manufacturer TSBs and Recalls

Integrated estimating software

OEM wiring diagrams with connector, ground, power distribution and splice information

A2Z  Component Search - the fastest route available to component information

Whether you measure productivity by the number of vehicles repaired in a day, the variety of vehicles you're able to

work on, or the time spent on diagnosis and repair, using the right information and shop management tools is vital to

the success of your business. ALLDATA can help you succeed in every way.

Automotive repair shops that use the ALLDATA system have a clear differentiation from other repair facilities. ALLDATA-

equipped shops can provide their customers with the most accurate repair estimates and proof of diagnostic and repair


ALLDATA also includes factory-correct maintenance schedules that itemize additionally needed services.

Moreover,ALLDATAhelps shops build consumer confidence and loyalty

Mitchell Latest Version: 2015

Language: English

Support System: Windows XP 32 bit, Windows7 32 bit & 64 bit

Mitchell OnDemand 5 quarter 2015 description of the catalogue:Powerful yet simple to navigate, Mitchell 1's OnDemand

Repair has been completely redesigned to deliver sophisticated search capability with increased speed. You'll save

valuable time using brand new shortcuts to TSBs, wiring diagrams, and more!

Mitchell On Demand 5 1983-current year Domestic & Import Model Coverage

Clear, Concise Illustrations & Diagrams

Time-saving TSBs, Recalls, & Technical Tips

Detailed, Accurate Repair Articles

Model-Specific Maintenance Schedules

Electronic Component Locator for all Models

Mitchell AUTO repair database, the accuracy of consistent with the original maintenance manual (some are more accurate

than the original manual, because many errors of the original maintenance manual are corrected), and to maintain the

unique style and the Mitchell Database Query System.

Mitchell database has the following characteristics:

1. Rich in Content and Accuracy

Database contains from 1983 to date, the United States, Europe, Asia and around the world 51 automobile manufacturers of

nearly 5,000 models of the maintenance data. You just select the vehicle's production era, manufacturers, maintenance of

vehicles to enter the appropriate directory, the directory in a different maintenance model according to the engine,

transmission type, etc. have a more detailed classification of the different, so you find information more quickly ,

more accurately.

If you can not be sure about the age of car, model, the database also provides a 17 yards (VIN - Vehicle Identification

Number) decoding of information. You just go to the car in 17 yards, you can use it to accurately get the detailed

parameters of the car.

Mitchell database model precise positioning in the "model year", which greatly ensure the accuracy of the information,

which is a common book on the market data can not be compared, which is the U.S. electronic maintenance data and

complete monopoly of the most important reasons.

2. A Complete and Unified Circuit

In the database each model has a 40-80 system, circuit, and the right circuit diagram of a pin for each computer, every

line of the definition and color have been described. Because all the vehicle manufacturers provide information on

different formats, taking into account the customer's convenience, Mitchell did not like the other companies' equipment,

which just simply scan down the graphics,  Mitchell re-use CAD drawing, so that all circuit clear and precise style,

unified, easy to inspect. Mitchell circuit up to 10 a few of the original system, circuit analysis, re-drawn into a 2-3

circuit, reading more convenient. In other words, as long as you can read a model of the circuit, you can use a database

of all models of the circuit for analysing , diagnosing.

3. Detailed and Accurate Location Map of Electrical Components

 for Today's vehicles are very complex, more and more electronic components, larger and larger structural differences in

different cars. Maintenance personnel are often unable to determine the location of an electronic component error. The

database provides the location of electrical components for all models, in addition to text descriptions, but also

accompanied by diagrams, clear, easy to use.

4. Parts Decomposition Diagram and Parameters

For each type of car, Mitchell database, not only the demolition of a variety of assembly installation steps in detail,

but also a clear and accurate parts exploded view of the parameters of reference, making your vehicle more convenient

and faster.

5. Technical Service Bulletin is The Essence of Mitchell Database

Car manufacturers produced models every year, a large number of technical service bulletin issued, covering a variety of

the latest technologies in the vehicle information, such as maintenance tips, safety recall information, etc, to help

the workshops. In the Mitchell database, you can not only find the assembled, respective, with the assembly-related

technical service bulletin, but also can simultaneously search all of the technical service bulletin, clarity, very

convenient,very easy to use.

Packing including:

1pc x 2014 ALLDATA 10.53 and 2015 Mitchell OnDemand  2 IN 1 (Alldata:576GB, Mitchell 165GB)

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