I have a 2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S and noticed an odd problem just not too long ago.

Upon heavy acceleration I’ve noticed a “staggering” or “shuddering” situation using the automobile. There’s no rough idle challenges or idle troubles when maintaining RPM’s higher (even in the 4k – 6k variety), but only when I “get on it” and give the automobile some acceleration.

It doesn’t happen in any unique gear also – only when accelerating tough. When the misfires start out occurring, the complete auto (such as cabin) shakes rather violently.

I also have not experienced any transmission certain issues (i.e. higher rpm’s in addition to a mis-shift or really difficult shifts).

When I brought it into the dealer currently, I brought one particular in the tech’s out to take a ride with me. I went by way of and instantly was able to re-create the issue. The repair man connect Porsche Piwis Tester II and my car or truck, in the finish on the ride, my verify engine light finally turned on…I was pretty satisfied about this since the dealer was telling me that it’s challenging to acquire Porsche to supply warranty function if there is certainly no verify engine light (is every person else’s knowledge the exact same with dealerships)?

The codes stated that there was a cylinder 6 misfire and the tiptronic transmission flag was also presented. The common procedure from what they told me should be to replace the ignition coils (and certainly it’s around the difficult side to replace – engine torque mount – you name it).

Where can I get a working  at a good price?  www.cnautotool.com

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